Massage Therapy Citrus Park; Correct Muscle Pain in the body

How you can use Massage Therapy to correct Muscle Pain in the body

Ever wake up with a stiff neck or headaches? Ever bent down and your lower/mid back lock up on you? Have you experienced these or any muscular pain or discomfort? Chances are you have but how do you fix the problem or prevent it from happening? Fit Elements Massage Therapy in Citrus Park Florida has  skilled massage therapist’s  that  can analyzes the pain pathways a person is experiencing to the affected area(s). Once the therapist is in the correct location the knot(s) can be effectively reduced or eliminated depending on the severity.

Fit Elements Massage Therapy in Citrus Park

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What is an adhesions or knot?

Behind every muscular pain is an adhesion, a.k.a a knot, calling the shots. When you feel pain, the surrounding area will be tight or swollen and sometimes even warm to the touch. Under these levels will be knot that tightens up and pulls on the surrounding areas causing the pain.  A great way to understand what is happening here is to try pinching a piece of material on your shirt and then twist it.   After doing this you might notice how almost the entire shirt shifts in one way or another.  This is the same thing that  happens to your muscles whenever there is a knot.

How does Massage Therapy Play a role in reducing or eliminating Muscular Pain in my body ?

Everything in our body is tied together with a tissue called fascia. Fascia is a connective tissue that lines our entire muscular structure. Minor tears occur in this tissue anytime we move, bend, twist, etc. Our body will repair the damage to our tissue as quickly as possible resulting in knots. Think of a knot as scar tissue, any type of repetitive motions will cause knots to form in the same areas.  This results in more  more pain and discomfort to certain areas.   A skilled massage therapist  is able to analyze the affected areas and determine the proper massage techniques that will be able to cause the knots to lease.

massage therapy to correct pain in the body

How many massages does it take to Correct an adhesion or knot

Depending on the severity of the knots a massage therapist will your  suggest the appropriate massage regime that will work for correcting your adhesions or knots. In most cases my clients see an immense amount of  improvement after their first session but often so many people wait until they are in such severe pain that they really should be coming on a regular basis or at the very least learn stretches and activities that they can do on their own.  ( James Joiner provides  massage therapy in the Tampa Bay Area and Owner of Fit Elements Studios on Ehlich in Citrus Park)







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