What is the Difference between a Knot and a Trigger point

One of the most common questions I am asked our fascia tissues is how to target and alleviate certain pains in the body properly. Maybe it’s their back, neck, or hip that is bothering them or maybe it’s all of the above! Answering this question is actually twofold. One of the most important things that you must understand to alleviate pain is determining whether or not the pain is coming from a knot or a trigger point. They are both a type of scar tissue that is painful to touch and they happen when muscle fibers are known as fascia tense and tighten underneath the skin.

Knots are localized, whereas a trigger point causes pain in more than one area of the body. In many cases, trigger points are the result of the repetitive movements that we make every day. These movements result in tiny tears in the fascia tissue as we bend and move. These repetitive movements that we make throughout the day lead to overuse and exertion. Trigger points are the result of too little blood flowing to a certain muscle group. Without the proper amount of blood flowing through the muscles in our body, they are unable to properly rid themselves of the toxins that build up in the body.

Massage Therapists use a variety of techniques to treat a range of medical conditions that result from the wear and tear that we put our bodies through. Massage therapy is beneficial to the body in a variety of ways. From its ability to reduce tightness and muscle soreness, improve immune function and digestion, decrease blood pressure and heart rate, and improve over circulation throughout the body. For more questions on the difference between a Knot and a Trigger point check out this additional post

RaeAnne Meyer-Joiner

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