Red Light Therapy in Citrus Park

Fit elements provides Red light therapy in Citrus park off of Ehrlich and conveniently located near the Veterans expressway. Red light Therapy is beneficial in conjunction with massage therapy or as a stand-alone service. Red light therapy can be used to improve the skin’s appearance. It has been shown to have an effect and plays a role in reducing wrinkles and other fine lines. In addition, it has been shown to play a role in improving acne over time. It is also beneficial for healing and pain reduction in the muscles. 

When the red light is placed near the skin, it is able to enter the cells and tissues to affect the mitochondria to promote healing and pain reduction that is related to chronic pain caused by arthritis, tendonitis, muscle pain, and more

Fit Elements was created with a vision to provide functional fitness to anyone who is inspired to achieve their best self. Fit Elements goes above and beyond a traditional massage. We also offer cupping, light therapy, CBD & Kinesio taping. PLUS, a wealth of knowledge and years of bodywork Experience Fit Elements is truly able to help you work towards Correcting Muscular Issues instead of simply slapping on a band-aid that does nothing to help your beat your pain long term.

Qualifications & Education:

10 years of personal training and massage therapy experience in the Tampa Bay area

• NFPT Certified Personal Trainer

• PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer

• Licensed Massage Therapist

• Training/Massaging since 2007

Specialty Areas:

• Full Body Transformation

• Increasing Cardiovascular Fitness

• Core Strength

• Myofascial Release

• Sports Specific Personal Training (exp. In football, wrestling, track) for Personnel Training servicing Tampa, Florida

Fit Elements Studios is conveniently located off the Veterans expressway in the Citrus Park area of Tampa Bay. It is well-equipped & CLEAN!! Fit Elements is your spot. We don’t cater to crowds. Instead, we like personal.

Call 813-328-4115 to set up your red light therapy to get started. For more information, on availability for red light therapy in Citrus park contact us !

RaeAnne Meyer-Joiner

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