Best Massage in Tampa Bay

Fit Elements is the Best massage in Tampa Bay

Since we opened our Studio in Citrus park our Goal has to become the home of the Best massage in Tampa Bay.

Everything in our body is tied together. Behind every muscular pain is an adhesion, otherwise known as  a knot, calling the shots. When you feel pain, the surrounding area will be tight or swollen and sometimes even warm to the touch. Under these levels will be knot that tightens up and pulls on the surrounding areas causing the pain. Fit Elements goes above and beyond a traditional massage.

Fit Elements offers a variety of services to help you free yourself from aches and pains. Like cupping, light therapy, CBD & Kinesio taping. The experts at Fit Elements also offer  a wealth of knowledge and years of bodywork Experience Fit Elements is truly able to help you work towards Correcting Muscular Issues instead of simply slapping on a band aid. If you’re looking for more than just a lotion rub call 813-328-4115 to set up an appointment and get the best massage in Tampa Bay .

Massage Therapy in Tampa Bay 1-4 hour massages available!!  Licensed Florida Metropolitan University , Tampa Fl  MA # 51101

Feel free to breathe normally and relax. It is important to try and not tense up during your massage, and feel free to let your therapist know if you have any questions.

After your massage, it is important to drink plenty of water. Having your tissues flushed means lots of toxins have been released into the body. Staying hydrated helps your body release them through natural elimination processes.

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