Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness Programs in Tampa Bay

Below you will find information about our program and how it can benefit your company and employees.

With our program, tailored  to meet the wellness goals of your company, you can:

• Lower health care costs

• Reduce absenteeism

• Achieve higher employee productivity

• Improve employee morale and loyalty


What sets Fit Elements apart from other wellness providers?

We offer on-site, instructor led programs that incorporate a variety of activities and exercises

• provide all of the necessary equipment; including state-of-the-art technology

• create a convenient program schedule to meet the unique needs

• define specific metrics to measure performance and the impact on your business

What’s included with a Fit Elements Corporate Wellness Program?

– Cardio, Strength and Health –

The Fit Elements concept stems from our core elements

Each element is represented by both a 1/2 hour and 1 hour class

Driving each class will be an energetic, specially-trained instructor to add motivation,

and consists of a variety of group fitness classes that can be uniquely combined to create a custom fitness program that fits most fitness levels.


Our participants will feel like they are doing their own individual workout, but in a group setting.

The Goal of each class is to 

  • promote correct exercise form
  • demonstrate modifications
  • and achieve greater levels of fitness

in a team building environment with coworkers


No Class Requires  Complicated Choreography!

With the use of technology, we will able to bring the gym to you.


What can I expect with your Fit Elements Corporate Wellness Program?

Our app displays the exercises circuits

the exercise demonstration

The class timer and music  are all displayed within the monitor on-site

This allows  each participant has a firm idea of where they are during the class.

Our Goal is that no one should feel uncomfortable or awkward !


Fit Elements Wellness Studio Cardio and Strength

Each program will be roughly 1 hour

and, depending on what you and your employee’s decide on, will include either one of the 1 hour programs or a combination of two, 1/2 hour programs.

Depending on needs, Fit Elements classes can be scheduled on days and times that work best.

On the first session, a wellness coordinator will conduct an assessment workout and take each participant’s individual measurements, including weight, tape measurements, body fat % and body mass index (BMI). While not the only way , BMI is one  way to track and show an employee’s or team’s physical progress based on the chosen programs.


Selecting the Elements for You 

Fit Elements categorizes it’s classes into one of the threes core elements: Cardio, Strength and Health.

Each element has both a 1/2 hour and 1 hour class.


1/2 hour class: Oxygen

1 hour class: Breeze

1/2 hour class: Blast

1 hour class: Torch

1/2 hour class: Core

1 hour class: Yoga


The classes in the “Cardio Element” are intended to test your body’s aerobic system and take it to the next level through H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training).

These classes are both high energy and calorie consuming workouts integrating varying athletic moves.


What is Oxygen?

Oxygen is a 1/2 hour cardio element class utilizes various athletic and compound movements to effectively elevate the heart rate and improve cardiovascular performance.

It is an alternative to the boring, outdated treadmill, and pumps up the cardiovascular system using speed, agility and quickness drills.


What is Breeze?

Breeze is a 1 hour Cardio Element class that introduces your body to the Airdyne Bike, a low impact, high intensity, wind resisted cardio machine that is powered by both legs and arm movements.

By combining this machine with the upper and lower body interval moves, this class is intended to provide a full body cardio experience.

The classes in the “Strength Element” are anaerobic in nature promoting strength, speed and power.

These classes help develop lean muscle mass and reduces body fat.


What is Blast?

Blast is a 1/2 hour Strength Element class combines a variety of strength, cardio, muscular endurance exercises and metabolic training in a full body workout to get results. it is quick but efficient.


What is Torch?

Torch is a 1 hour Strength Element class that features full body circuit training that challenges both the muscular and cardiovascular systems of the body with efficient compound movements.

No choreography here, just weight lifting.

The classes in the “Health Element” are intended to increase your body’s level of function or metabolic efficiency by improving the conditioning of your mind and body.

These classes can also aid in the prevention of muscular pain and injury.


What is Core?

Core is a 1/2 hour Health Element class that focuses on firming and defining the abdominal, core muscles and lower back.

This is a great addition to any workout and is designed to develop high levels of core strength, flexibility and balance.


What is Yoga?

Yoga is a 1 hour Health Element class that uses an ancient form of exercise that combines breathing with static and dynamic postures to help improve strength, flexibility, balance and tranquility.

Yoga is a great stress reliever set in a relaxing, soothing class atmosphere to bring your mind and body into perfect harmony.


For additional  information please contact us and speak with one of our Wellness Coordinators to set up a consolation today.

To contact James 813-966-9355



Testimonials for Fit Element’s Studios Corporate Wellness Programs in Tampa Bay

“our company is overjoyed with James Joiner and his Well Fitness Elements team. The team building and focus on health and wellness spills into our daily work day… the employees feel valued and love the competitive or independent structure the workouts offer. best investment we ever made!: CEO, Blaire Fanning, CEO MCA-Russell Johhns, Tampa, FL

Atlas is a fast paced fast growing IT provider and Well Fitness Elements is a great way to relieve stress and build comradery amongst our team. We attend bi-weekly group sessions designed to work for all levels of fitness and age, one-on-one strength sessions and even take advantage of their physical therapy massages when needed. Our entire team is enjoying positive results on health, weight and energy levels. James Joiner is doing an amazing job and we always look forward to our next session. Gregory Zolkos, CEO Atlas Professional Services, Tampa, FL