Personal Training Services

Fit Elements Studio Provides Personal Training Services in Citrus Park
I  specialize in functional  training  mixed  with  high  intensity  aerobic/ cardiovascular  exercise.
My Goal is to make sure everyone has a great time getting starting in Personal Training
It’s  not  the  amount  of  weight  that  you  can  push  up  that  is going  to  affect  your  results;  it’s
the  way  in  which  you  push  that weight  up.
By  using  smaller  amounts  of  weight  in  the  rightsequence,  we  can  effectively  work  together  and  propel  you toward  your  desired  results.
 These types of workouts are  perfect  for  tightening  and  toning  those unsightly  areas while giving you
the ability to focus on proper form and function while reducing injuries.
 I am also a certified Massage Therapist and am very familiar with helping my clients to their optimum  levels of fitness and flexibility.
Qualifications  &  Education:

10 years of personal training  and massage therapy experience in the Tampa Bay area

• NFPT  Certified  Personal  Trainer
• PTA  Global  certified  Personal  Trainer
• Licensed  Massage  Therapist
• Training/Massaging  since  2007
Specialty  Areas:
• Full  Body  Transformation
• Increasing  Cardiovascular  Fitness
• Core  Strength
• Myofascial  Release
• Sports  Specific Personal Training   (exp.  In  football,  wrestling,  track) for Personnel Training servicing Tampa, Florida